The Aceleradora d.E. - Aceleradora de Empresa - was born from the desire to help people and organizations to achieve their goals quickly. We provide methods to overcome barriers which prevent high growth and renewal.


We seek to work with customers and partners who have similar values to ours:

Focus on results
Work and responsibility
Creativity and Simplicity
Good relations between people
Contribute to the achievement of happiness


Develop and accelerate business and talent through innovative solutions, and to contribute to the happiness of those involved.


Our work usually become object of study and learning, as the book shown alongside. It presents some cases of successful product innovation management in different organizations, such as FIAT and Votorantim.

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Some customer partners

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Av. Antônio Abrahão Caram, 820, Sala 808
São José - Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil - CEP: 31275-000
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