Our focus is on accelerating the performance in several dimensions, such as:
- Increase of revenue ($)
- Improving the quality of operations
- Improving the efficiency and productivity
- Higher success rate in launching new businesses, products and services
- Improvement of personal skills

Our platform-based solutions are divided in the following business units:

Development and acceleration of innovation inside companies:

• Innovation Capability Building
• Prospecting and developing new business
• Reinventing Existing Business

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Development and acceleration of information technology:

• Develop software and mobile applications
• Manage projects and organizational governance
• Optimize business processes, database and intelligence information

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Development and acceleration of new business:

• Analyze and create a business plan
• Facilitate new business
• Launch and accelerate new business

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Development and acceleration of professional talents:

• Develop personal skills
• Prospecting and better allocate professionals
• Build networks

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We have several success cases in different sizes, shapes and sector organizations, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, furniture, foundry, metalworking, health, food, human development, among many others.

Examples of programs and services

• Management of technological innovation • Management of product development (GDP) • Development of customer-oriented products (PD-POC) Process • GDP with QFD: Quality Function Deployment • Technological and Strategic Roadmapping • Establishment of new business • Management skills by the method of strategic link • Breakdown of indicators by the method of strategic liaison • strategic management based on organizational dynamic capabilities • quality Management Systems • Tools DOE statistics such as: Planning and Analysis of Experiments • process Improvement with BPM - Business Process Management • Management of complex projects projects • industrial equipment • Development of information systems • Development of customized software • Agile (Agile): Scrum, XP and Kanban • Business Models: Canvas, Lean Startup

Some customer partners

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